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In-Store Marketing Materials

Need brochures that rise above the rest? How about countertop displays that showcase your inventory in a unique and minimalistic way? We can help you sell your product even before the customer enters your store.

Interactive Marketing Solutions

The Internet is crowded with large-scale retailers and wholesalers competing for business, so how do you stand out and be noticed? We can help you in every area. From compelling content to social media outreach, we will ensure that you are seen (and heard).

Industry Trend Reports

There are not enough hours in the day to run a successful business and stay on top of every industry trend. Let us do the work for you when it comes to discovering and pinpointing new sales opportunities.

Public Relations

We will help preserve your brand with our public relations and communications services. From press releases to news updates, we will work hard to ensure customers see the "best" you.

JEWELER.COM Karat Community™

When you work with us, you have the opportunity to become a member of our exclusive Karat Community™ which gives you access to a community of independent and boutique retailers.

Join the Karat Community

Our web marketing services are as dazzling as your storefront

We are about to become the premier marketing resource for independent and boutique jewelers across the country. From sales strategy and public relations to content management and social media outreach, we can help you excel in every way. You have the opportunity to become more efficient, grow sales and interact with others in our exclusive Karat Community™.

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